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    Any idea waht going on in Ruby RIng Tech Shard server......

    Hi All,

    I was a happy client of Ruby Ring tech, but few days ago my Shared server Cpenl got missing in action... It showed some issue on listens... i submit a ticket to Ruby Ring tech and they said they will fix it soon... but for about 3 days nothing happen... suddenly today my shared server is also gone missing... cant connect to any of my websites and page cannot be displayed on cpanel also.. I submitted tickets.. but still no answer, now about 5 -6 hours downtime....

    I'm wonder whats happening.....??? hope that they will fix the things soon.... plzz if any 1 of Ruby Ring tech see this reply to this thread.... i like to know whats going and how soon you can give the server back

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    Please some 1 reply....... still the server is down..... now more than 12hours.....

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    Have you tried call them?
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    Yes..... i even put a personal email to Anthony (director of Ruby), still no reply...... still the servers are down.... I'm wondering what they doing....

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    Feel sorry to hear your troubles. If host fail to communicate with the client it is so frustrating. Hope some body from their end or some other customers of them will post here regarding the status.

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    I hope you will be able to get your backup. At the same time I suppose that is the sign for you to move to another host. Perhaps there you will feel better

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