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    Seeking Security Expert for Linux Redhat 5.4 cpanel/WHM

    I am seeking a security expert well-versed in LAMP servers and particularly well-versed in a cpanel environment with CSF.

    Knowledge of ASSP would be a plus. Familiarity with Postini or other off-server spam filtering would also be a plus.

    I have one server which continues to experience DOS, hack and spam issues and I'd like some additional expertise to audit this server in detail and help me to determine the causes and needed remedies.

    I am seeking a very high level of expertise - somebody who can definitely decipher the finer details and get to the bottom of what is going on, and what solutions are needed.

    Please contact me via PM or via m-r-k AT centralstation DOT you-know-the-rest-com

    Please include the specifics of your experience level and fee structure.



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    send mail to the mail id specified...

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    I have send you a mail.


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