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    Iscript autohoster external login help

    hi everyone,

    I am new in this forum, any help will be very much appreciated.
    My problem is i have installed iscript autohoster in folder,
    /autohoster under root folder.Now i have an index.html in the root
    folder. My requirement is that i want to make the user login
    to the autohoster from the login form in the index.html.
    Please guide me of how to do this , any API or changing the
    the code.
    Thanking you in advance.

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    Try using the below code in your index.html page
    <form name="frmLogin" action="" method="post">
     User Name:<input class="textbox" size="20" name="username" maxlength="100" value="">
     Password  :<input class="textbox" size="20" name="password" maxlength="100" value="" type="password">
                      <input class="button" value="Login" name="Submit" type="submit">

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