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    Exclamation Mydrunkpix clone wanted, sorta

    Hi All,

    I am looking for this to be a PHP script, to be powered by MySQL.

    The closest site I can think of to this is

    The referenced site is kind of sloppy, but I'd like to keep this iteration clean as possible, especially where its going to be hosting pics geared at a different user base.

    Core functionality:
    People upload image > A moderator approves > Picture goes to front page (chronological order) > Users thumb up or thumb down and can leave comments

    Default view is "most recent", there will be options to see the top voted photo's.

    A threshold could be set that if it is thumbed down far enough, it gets removed.

    Visitors could keep going back to older pictures, there would be 5-6 pictures displayed on each page. (perhaps this could be set in a config file a long with the removal threshold?)

    Please PM me any estimates/offers for this.

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    Are you looking for a site design or coding. I can do the coding and very basic site design if you would like. Let me know what your offer for this is. - OpenVZ Virtualization with SolusVM Control Panel on High Quality Servers. - Inexpensive VPSs with great features. - 24/7 Ticket Support with FAST Replies - CEO Jackson H - [email protected]

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