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    Question Setup Windows "rsync" between 2 Home Servers 2003


    Situation: I have 2 Windows Home Servers 2003 in place, both are geographically separated (different networks).

    I managed to join the routers via VPN and - as a 2nd step - I like to rsync "critical" data (such as family images...) from one server (SERVER1) to the other (SERVER2).

    I found this guideline to install/configure "rsync" on a Windows box:

    On the servers, each has a dedicated Windows share and a dedicated user that has write access.

    My plan is to have a batch file with the rsync command lines that rsync all files/folders from a local directory of SERVER1 to SERVER2-share2 and the other way round from a local directory of SERVER2 to SERVER1-share1.

    The batch file should run every night.

    I have no idea on how to write this line of code and I possibly will have to use UNC paths and add user/password information to the script as well.


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    Hope this link will help you..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Isaac View Post
    Hope this link will help you..
    Yes, this looks good, thanks.

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