My Name is Joshua I'm from Australia I speak 100% English... I'm looking for some Fulltime work 9am to 5.30pm GMT+8 Monday to Friday.

I have experience and excel in the following;

- Live Sales Chat
- Lead Generating (Networking etc)
- Level1 cPanel Helpdesk Support (Nothing to do with SSH)

Past Careers;

- Mcdonalds Australia Consultant (Ordering, P&l, Budgeting for CBD Stores as well as coaching)
- Kirby Sales Assistant (Providing In-Home Demonstrations)
- Ozshut Roller Shutters Field Sales (Canvassing door to door)
- Verdict Networks Pty Ltd Owner (Provided outsourced hosting solutions for customers 30,000+ websites.)

Expectant wage;

I'm taking offers however my minimum wage asking is $50.00 per week and only weekly payments or month in advance.

Contact Me;

Please add me to msn or email me [email protected] - Thanks for your time hope your interested.