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    Thumbs up My Accurate Hub Networks review

    Well I've been a huge fan of WHT for a long time. It was where I found Accurate Hub Networks.

    So I've been watching this forum for a bit, and I realized its time to register and put in my input to the community.

    Back to the point.

    6 months ago I signed up for their services, moving away from 1&1 shared hosting. So I spoke with Andrew about getting a server for the things I do. We worked a deal, which is probably too good to be true.

    Im running on one of their Dell 1425s. I have servers here at the work (designing agency), so I know my way with servers etc etc. The performance of their network and support 10/10 I had no problems and although unmanaged, I was always able to get help and support.

    They look like a new emerging host, but I recommend to give them a try. I've just picked up another server with them ($15 for my first month is quite a steal imo)


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    Can you provide your domain hosted with them? If you dont want to make it public, use the report post button and submit it to the mods.

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    Ok, I have done that

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    Thanks for sharing your good experiences. Give us regular updates in future.

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    Thanks for your kind review. It really does help us as one of the "emerging" competitors


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