Have an event coming up that remote viewers would appreciate, have you considered the value in making it available to people remote to you? Here is just a partial list of some of the events that this service has already worked well for:

1. Telecasting sporting events
2. Delivering Seminar information to your employees
3. Allowing remote congregants to stay in touch
4. Indoor/Outdoor tournaments
5. Locally sponsored Government activities

For more information please visit us on our Caro Media Network or contact us directly for a real-time discussion of your specific requirements!

Your hardware requirements are minimal and in many cases are items already available in your inventory:

1. Dedicated Bandwidth such as a T1, Business Class cable-modem, DSL, etc. (Caro.Net can use the current connections that you have in place and we require just a minimum 500k per camera.)
2. A safe, powered location for the camera(s) and on-site server
3. An existing website

NOTE: Solutions are also available for mobile and remote events as well!

Caro.Net Provides the following:

1. Managed streaming server that is used to rebroadcast the streams out to the internet.
2. A link in "windows media format" that will be embedded into your current website.
3. Space on the Managed streaming server in our data-center for upload of archived video clips to be streamed to your website users. For example, in the case of a sporting event this might include:
a. video of games
b. coach and player interviews
c. highlight packages
d. special events
e. press box guest interviews, etc.
4. This service includes basic capture and replay of your content. Any customization, addition, deletion, or redaction of content will be done on a best effort basis by Caro.Net, however, you should realize that Caro.Net provides an internet service and as such is not a production company. If complex modification to the rebroadcast content is required, the use of a third party production agent and/or equipment may be required and if used would be an additional expense.
5. 160 GB of archived storage capability on the streaming server

Pricing Structure

1. $500 annual fee upon contract signing
2. $60 per three hour event for both audio and video
3. No overage charges with a maximum of 256 concurrent users (larger packages available upon request)