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    Offering django to clients

    Currently my company is offering cpanel hosting to many clients, some want to be able to use django with their shared account. Has anyone had experience setting up django for clients in a shared environment? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Depending on your setup (mod_python vs fcgi) you should be able to get it setup fairly quickly. You may want to consult the Django documentation on how to set it up in a shared environment
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    Im just curious about setting up multiple installs per client, I could install mod_python i suppose... i provide each client with their own shell account.

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    I think with mod_python, you are going to need an include with directives for django. Each of these is going to be different depending on where the django project is setup. With fcgi, the dispatcher just needs to be updated with the path. This makes it easier for each user to customize their own installation.

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    We did a Django project for a client a while back. We used mod_wsgi proxied over nginx, works fine.
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