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    Do I need a VPS?

    Under a reseller account, I host 7 domains for myself and a couple of business clients. None of these are high bandwidth or in any way risky. One of mine and one other are basically product catalogs serving up maybe 3-5 GB a month, mostly images. One is a private domain for one of the above with no public Web traffic, hosting an MySql application with at most three users at a time who feed the catalog. The others are pretty much postcard sites with minimal web traffic, which exist pretty much to catch and send email branded with their domain. I've never come close to reaching the bandwidth limit on the reseller account I'm using. All the sites together consume less than 10GB of disk space. I've never used WHM for anything more than to set the sites up to begin with, and all I use CPanel for is as a gateway to phpmyadmin.

    Even though I'm using a reselling host which is absolutely top-rated here at WHT and nobody gets better reviews, I'm still hitting the point where being on a shared host is sometimes causing problems. Things tend to clog up at around 5pm EST (close of business on the East Coast) and on some weekend hours - I've often seen transient server loads of 4-5 across the four CPUs at these times, sometimes spiking at 14-15. This slows MySql to a crawl and my clients can't do their work. Today is just an unmitigated disaster - the server is under a DDOS attack and had to be rerouted. Nobody can get their mail, and probably no-one will be able to work for hours until the new IP propogates. I realize this is out of the hands of the hosting company, but it's also unacceptable in a business context.

    All I want for these sites is 100% bulletproof email, unfettered Mysql/PHP response times for light usage, and not to have to worry that some warez kid or political loony renting space down the hall won't do something to tick someone off and wreak collateral damage on my sites. Should I be considering a small managed VPS at this point?

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    As per the details and the stats provided you are safe under a reseller plan. May be it is some problems at your provider's end. So better to contact them and let them know about the load spikes. Best of luck to get all the problem sorted out soon.

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    You will be OK with reseller account just need to find a right company.
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    From what I hear, You could def. Stay with a Reseller Plan. Just search for that good company and some day you will find it.

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    You have asked rhetorical question... you obviously need a VPS or any hosting service which will guarantee the performance you need. If your current web hosting provider offer VPS, you can go with them.
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    Just migrating to a VPS is not guaranteed to fix your problem. The servers that the VPS are on can become overloaded just as easily as shared servers can, it all depends on who your neighbours are. If you absolutely must have a guaranteed responsive server that you need to go dedicated. A low end dedicated server can cost the same as a mid to high range VPS.

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    I run about 30 websites under a VPS and have zero problems, I started at a reseller level though but waited till at least i needed the bandwidth and space.

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    Thanks for replies. As far as bandwidth and so forth I know I'm fine with a reseller. And as I say, the one I'm using has nothing but a stellar WHT reputation, it's one of the ones that everyone points new users to when they ask for great reseller hosting on WHT. I doubt that any other I can find will be significantly better. They all have to make good use of their available resources, and that means that at times they're going to have to choke someone to serve someone else. I can live with them choking me, but not the people who are paying me to have the Web available so they can get work done. However minimal the CPU load of one person on an Apache server with Mysql running executing simple PHP scripts on a small database is (will 128MB RAM on a VPS comfortably run this?), I want it there and responsive 100% of the time. I'm just starting to wonder if I can't get it from a Platinum-grade shared host if it's realistic to ask for it at all in the shared-host world.

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    If you need more control of your environment, you should upgrade to a VPS. Before of that, you should know that VPS requires more knowledge than a reseller account.
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