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    Arrow How many MB in a GB?

    Suppost to be 1000MB in a GB..right? Well, in the new plesk..I setup 25000MB transfer (25GB)..but it reports the max transfer is 24.4GB or something like that..what am I doing wrong?

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    1024MB in a GB.
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    1GB = 1024MB

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    Wha? lol..OK..Thanks. I really didn't know that

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    It's strange...but thats the way it is...
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    It dpeneds on who you ask really:

    Base 10 is easier for people to talk about, while base 2 is what computers use, so sometimes there is a "miscommunication". Example using the "giga" or "gibi" prefixes:

    Base 10 would be 1000000000 -- [10^3]x3
    Base 2 would be 1073741824 -- [2^10]x3

    And of course we all assume the octect system is in play as well. See also:

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    The norm is to use powers of ten for everything except address spaces. That is, you count memory with powers of two, because that is how it is addressed; but disk space is counted with powers of ten, bandwidth is counted with powers of ten (10 Mbps ethernet runs at 10^7 bps!), etc.
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    Wow. Talk about getting technical!

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    How did this thread go past 2 posts?
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