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    * I'm Getting DDOSed... question

    Hey there, i got a question.

    So were getting ddosed for the better part of a month now, a few days into it we hired a company that serves as a proxy to filter the traffic that the ddos is coming in from.

    Now the thing is that this company refuses to permanently ban the IP addressed that get blacklisted so it clears the bans every 4-8 hours and this thing just keeps going and going. Now i know its in their best interest to keep us under attack so we keep on renewing their services, however can they not permanently ban the offending IP addresses and get this thing resolved ? or are they pulling my leg ?

    Thank you for your help,

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    they should be able to, easily in their firewall configuration.

    there are many companies that offer ddos filtering, maybe its worth asking this to them as a sales question and changing provider ?
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    Denial of Service

    Doesn't sound like it's distributed.

    What happens if you block the IP on your firewall?

    Did you contact the ISP that the IP is at yet?

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    yeah it is distributed. Its not one ip, its more in the zone of 20,000 ip addresses that are part of the botnet. Its just wierd seeing how twitter, facebook and other larger sites have their problems solved in 30 minutes flat and here were getting attacked for almost a month straight.

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    Those companies have millions of dollars to spend on security. Based on your explanation of the filtering you have it does not sound like the product cost you more than a few hundred dollars?

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    install apf and ddos deflate.

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