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    Multiple versions of Python on a cPanel server


    The default version of Python that is installed on a cPanel server is 2.4.3 and some clients do ask for 2.6.2. I am not willing to upgrade the current version of Python as it will cause a great deal of problems with breaking dependencies.

    My question is, can multiple versions of Python be installed on a cPanel server so that each user could have the choice to configure the preferred one by a custom cgi handler directive in his .htaccess or by explicitly calling the preferred version in the hash bang?

    Please guide!


    EDIT: I am using CentOS release 5.3 (Final)
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    i don't know if this can be configured with a custom cgi, but you can definately install 2 versions, as long as they are in seperate directories.

    some of the info from might be useful to you, too.
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