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    Need help with DA domain setup

    for the first time in my life I was trying to use DA, its pretty easy but confusing a bit, as we are on un-managed plan couldn't contact host with queries

    All, I wanted to do is:
    add 1 domain to the vps i.e the main and nameserver domain as well

    nothing more

    now the given scenario is:
    I have been given 4ips, .23 is the main ip.
    There are 3 interfaces Admin Level, Reseller Level and User Level
    I didn't create any packages either at Reseller level or admin level, but directly went into User level, Clicked domain administration -> Add another domain -> added domain
    it had just few options in adding domain, space, bandwidth , I selected same as main account expecting the details are the provided space by the host and did same for bandwidth as well
    selected CGI and PHP and denied SSL as I don't need SSL

    now, it shows in the domain list as unlimited package in space and bandwidth

    I checked logging to ftp account after I created 1 for the domain, it worked, so ddid i do the domain setup correctly ??

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