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    True Image for netbook

    Yesterday Acronis announced the release of special NETBOOK edition of their True Image home

    Not tried yet, but think it worth attention. Please, write here if you've already had experience with this stuff... I mean on your netbook

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    I love acronis, but this seems more like a marketing gimmick.
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    Haha yeah, definitely. I see no reason why the regular Acronis suite wouldn't work on a netbook (I've used TrueImage on my AOA150 on a few occasions). Seems like just an attempt to get more sales, capitalizing on the whole netbook craze ("ooh, designed for netbook! I have netbook! I buy!").

    Sales tactics aside, they still make a great product.

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    hah yeah! You know, using my tiny asus I often met an issue when there is no way to customize the display size and buttons can fall out of view, that's simply terrible! when you stuck in the middle of something...
    may be this is the asus disadvantage, but anyway its better to use netbook edition, especially if it is twice cheaper

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    I suppose the default processing priority will be set low

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