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    Toystore Website

    My friend runs a toystore and he wanted an informational site for his fiers that he hands out at collectable conventions so I created this simple site for him:

    I am probably going to redesign it with another ecomemrce solution but some criticism about it in its current form would be appreciated:
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    I not going to tell you its brillian, but it's alright. Does that job of selling things online. Maybe a little too many Halo 3 pictures, but other then that, its alright.
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    Very nice web site. The colors are correctly choosen and the overall look of the website is very good.

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    I like the look of the site, but I think you could do better by changing the font and size for links and headings. The default blue and black with small text doesn't fit the site very well.

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    I like the logo. Blue is my favorite color. Your site navigation is very good and the site looks very professional. Good job all the way around.

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    The site is quite bland, especially for a toy store! I think that the addition of a secondary color would help. Here are a few sites for reference:
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