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    Anyone want a FULL TIME, FREE of charge, sys/server admin? Read now!

    Gonna make it clear and simple:

    1. In my company I have a guy with great potential who needs to be trained in system/server administration, though right now we have no one who can take the time to tutor him.

    2. The guy in question is a easy learner and very friendly - easy to deal with. Lives in the Philippines and speaks excellent english. I have known him for about 3 years and he has been employed by me since the summer 2007.

    3. Today he knows basic linux stuff. How to install OS, install scripts - wordpress etc, brute force detection, installing stuff like mrtg/vnstat and so on.

    I want him to learn as much as possible about server administration - installs, patching, network management, virtualization, control panels and so on.

    On behalf of my company I would like to offer one, or maybe a few, companies to have this guy working for them, for a "symbolic" payment every month. Maybe you give us some free hosting or whatever - just a small something for his efforts. Hence thus that he remains to be paid by us, so except for a "token of gratitude" you pay absolutely nothing. You would "feed" him with tasks related to server management, help him with stuff he might not yet understand and so on.

    He would be available about 8-9 hours Sunday-Thursday every week and you may communicate with him over yim/skype.

    Would anyone be interested in this? If so - please PM me and we can talk more. Please post here if you have further questions.

    Thank you!

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    Who is him?
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    Sorry? Who is "him"?

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    Well tell me more about the "him"
    Automated, Secure & Low Cost cPanel Backups (on the cloud)
    For Users & Web Hosting Providers - User Backups

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    Ok I understand. He is 23 years old living just out Manila city in PH. He has been working for us a few years mainly building very simple sites, php scripts and also blog writing/posting. In general he is _very_ good to deal with - very thorough in what he does and with a great aptitude for learning.

    The last months we have started to teach him the ropes of server management, but its quite clear - we dont have the time and our tasks does not cover all the "real life challenges" he will be facing. What I mean is he would probably learn to manage most of our stuff "here", but working with someone else he would get a much broader experience. He needs to be able to manage much more, be it whatever it might be as long as its relevant to the position.

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    bump for more interest - dont miss out

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