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    Cheap Generic 2U Cases?

    Hello All,

    I am trying to track down a suppler for very cheap generic 2U cases.

    I need some both short in length and standard in length (Micro ATX and Standard).. Anything that will take a standard ATX PSU and components would do the job.

    They will need to be shipped to Australia/New Zealand so anywhere close is a bonus (Aust, Asia ect.)

    I have looked at some of the Norco cases ect. However I feel the price is still to high.


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    For cheap generic 2U cases have you tried or

    Ive seen a few cheap 1U & 2U generic cases from china on those above sites.

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    If your looking for 1U's, supermicro all the way, have yet to have a power supply fail on me. Fry's actually carries a pretty cool 2u case, not sure how good the PSU is though as I have only built a few of these and not really ever ran them in production.
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    I've tried generic 2U cases designed for ATX and was semi-satisifed. The ones I got looked like they were bashed together by some amateur sheet metal bender in his living room in China. But if you put enough paint on anything it'll look not bad. The main beef was the venting for the PS was thru a grill in the top lid of the case, evidently the manufacturer didn't understand these things get stacked in racks and need to be vented front and back.

    They even came with rails... but no matching screwholes to fasten them on. I've looked on the cases and the manufacturer must have been too embarassed to put any manufacturer's id on them, so I can't even tell you where to start looking.

    But they were utra cheap... like $119 including taxes.

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    Thanks for the replies...

    I have taken a look at a few of these. They all seem to be around the same price of $140 USD.

    I am in the market for about 20-30 cases and was budgeting $80usd per case without PSU. We bought a bulk lot of generic cases back in 2006 for this price and have been extremely happy with them. Even for the cheap price they are very sturdy and have front rack mounts on them (Basic drive, psu mounts ect.). They are all teal in color, no branding or model ect.

    Has anyone come across cases such as these recently?

    The only thing that comes to mind resembling them is the very early dedicated boxes from OVH


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    Norco Technologies has some nice cheap rackmount cases for cheap. You can get a pretty nice 20 drive hotswap 4U case for around $300. There cases that don't have soo many hotswap bays or no backplane are much cheaper:

    You can buy them off newegg and stuff but I don't know if you can get them where you are.

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    Ya, I would also recommend the Norco chassis as well, very good quality for the price.
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