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    Thumbs down Has anybody ever have to do this?

    I tried to register a .dk domain with now they sent me an email and told me i have to send a fax with my id and credit card information to an fax number im sure the hell not gonna do that. Has anybody ever had to do anything like that?

    Email from

    In order to protect and our valued customers, we require the
    following information from the billing contact associated with the above

    A photocopy of a government-issued photo ID.
    A signed statement giving authorization to maintain the charges
    associated with the domain name(s)
    Valid Billing Contact Information, including:
    Name as it appears on Card
    Billing Address for Card (Street Number)
    Postal Code
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    Probably because of the .dk domain.
    They were afraid they were going to be dk'ed

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    They Charged my credit card and now they are threating me they are gonna delete my domain if i dont send them the things i mentioned above. This is unbelievable.

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    File a chargeback and let it go man. Get a .com

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