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    Windows server control panel


    Just trying to find out a good control panel for Windows 2008 Server. I am actually more than familiar with DirectAdmin for Linux and am looking for a similiar product for Windows.

    Main part is ability to run most common tasks thru a web-panel and with client / reseller-admin approach.

    I've seen Plesk and DotNetPanel, but maybe you can advice me anyone better?


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    Plesk and DotNetPanel are the most popular Windows options right now, just to let you know.

    The cPanel Windows beta could be an option if your provider happens to offer it.

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    Id recommend Plesk its very easy and popular and of course stable.

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    I always recommend Hosting Controller, been using it for more than 10 years now. Personalized and top notch services.

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    Try HC8 or Machpanel.
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