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    Reseller Scripts (Please Help)


    As we continue to develop our newly web hosting business, One of the Team Members brought up the subject "How and Are we going to provide Master Resellers". It was a great Idea, But I have heard good and bad things about the software(s). So far we have found WHM Reseller v3.3 from DEASoft, and AlphaMaster from Zamfoo. Can we get everyone's opinion on this, and if you have any scripts that are good, Can you please refer us to them via PM or Reply to the thread? Thanks a bunch!

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    you may also added "WHMPHP" to you list
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    This is down my alley. I use ZamFoo. From what I have found, it causes a lower server load and has alot of really cool tools. It works well even if you intend to only sell Master Reseller accounts.

    The AutoGrant feature is important for me because it auto-promotes any account to Master Reseller based on the plan name. This alows you to instantly activate accounts from your billing software (I use WHMCS myself)
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    I personally use and prefer WHMPHP. It appears to be faster, with lower server loads. It has lots of cool tools too. And to top it all, the support is SUPERB!

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