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    Fluid Hosting has done it again!

    Virtual Private Server from Fluid Hosting

    Why VPS?
    Virtual Private Server offers a good balance between total control (root access privilege) and a tight budget. Having a VPS account is just like operating a dedicated server.

    Fluid Hosting's VPS Offers:
    • Total root privilege
    • Freedom to install any software and configure your account the way you want it.
    • Security.
      In a traditional shared hosting environment, one account can access other's files when not secured properly. It is a well known fact that people can read other's passwords located in php files since they are all running under the web server's privilege, and gain access to sensitive data.

      A VPS account (disk space, memory) is totally isolated from other VPS accounts, because each VPS account is located in its own "Virtual Environment". Other VPS accounts can not access your files nor data in the memory. You will have your own copy of apache, dns servers, database server, and user accounts.
      This VPS security model makes it ideal for secure credit card processing in e-commerce applications.
    • Performance guarantee. Fluid Hosting's VPS utilizes virtualization technology that provides performance guarantee to your VPS account, so that no matter what other VPSs are doing, your VPS environment will continue to receive guaranteed amount of CPU, Memory and network resources.

    Since VPS gives you full root access, you can set up any services, or daemons as you like, such as DNS servers, email servers, web servers, java servlet, database servers and more. Imagine having a dedicated server of your own, but without the high cost of the server rent and maintenance.

    VPS Uses
    Some of the applications that will ideally benefit from VPS are:
    • Small web hosting companies / resellers
      Become a true web host on a low budget. Instead of having to rent a more expensive server, you can run your web hosting operations using Fluid Hosting's VPS.

      All the popular control panels including WHM/Cpanel and Plesk can be installed on Fluid Hosting's VPS. You will have the root WHM functionality just like a real web host. Furthermore, you can have other resellers resell your services using WHM's reseller capability.

      Offering your web hosting service under Fluid Hosting's InterNAP network will also greatly enhance your competitive advantages (see more below).
    • Online Shop / E-Commerce
      Fluid Hosting's secure VPS environment protects your sensitive data from other accounts. You can deploy your e-commerce solutions perform custom payment gateway transaction with peace of mind.
    • Web Developers
      Fluid Hosting's VPS is ideal for web developers seeking complete freedom to install and configure the server to suit their needs.
    • Web Designers / Consultants
      Web designers often look after their clients' hosting needs as well. By consolidating all the accounts inside one VPS umbrella, web designers can enjoy a more cost effective solution to their clients.
    • External DNS Server
      By setting up a DNS server external to your current network, you will
      increase the reliability of your internet services.
    • Backup support forum
      When your network is down, you can rely on Fluid Hosting's VPS (on the InterNAP network) to be your backup forum so your customers can still reach you in times of emergency.
    • Backup mail server

    High Performance Servers
    Fluid Hosting VPS accounts are hosted on high performance servers. The typical server configurations are:
    • Processors: Dual P3/1GHz or better
    • Memory: 2 - 4 GB of ECC registered memory
    • Disk subsystem: SCSI3 10000 rpm drives

    These servers will guarantee the highest performance for your applications, which means that your dynamic pages, cgi scripts or php code will be processed and served faster.

    A Very Reliable Network
    The reliability of InterNAP's network is well known in the industry. Large companies such as American Airlines, NasDaq, Travelocity, McAffee, and Colgate rely their business on InterNAP's quality and reliability. As a direct client, Fluid Hosting enjoys the same level of quality and service from InterNAP.

    All Fluid Hosting's customers benefit from InterNAP's excellent network quality. The dual 100 Mbps ethernet links in HSRP (Hot Standby Routing Protocol) setup to InterNAP's cisco routers ensure the highest redundancy and up time. This gives Fluid Hosting's customers peace of mind knowing that the network will always be up all the time!

    For more information about InterNAP:

    99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    Fluid Hosting provides a true 99.9% uptime, guaranteed under its
    Service Level Agreement which covers not only the network, but also the hardware for the VPS accounts!

    This means more peace of mind that not only you are using high performance servers, rock solid network, but also excellent overall service and support.

    Special Offer
    Sign up before 30th of November and receive a FREE CPanel/WHM license*, valued at $19.95/month, on your VPS account at Fluid Hosting.
    *Requires at least Economy package

    Get your VPS, starting from $24.95/month and discover a new level of hosting experience today!

    Click here for more information:

    Sign up now!
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