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Thread: Apache Failed

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    Apache Failed

    I'm having some issues with my DV2 box, specifically with the Service Monitor e-mails telling me that Apache has failed on the box and it is being restarted.

    From ticket replies, I gather that it had something to do with the recent Apache upgrade on the system, however it happens every day around 3PM.

    They told me the problem had been fixed, but obviously not. Not to mention the feeling that they're ignoring my Apache tickets at the moment

    Does anyone know what might be causing this?
    I know someone else with a DV2 box had the same issue, but unfortunately they're not around to ask

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    Is your server load extremely high at 3PM?

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    Why would DV2 even answer your ticket on an Apache failure? Those are unmanaged servers, you are responsable for Apache problems. Instead of complaining you should be thanking your lucky stars you are at a data center that gives two hoots enough to even look at it for you. If this was a Rackshack box they would have laughed at you for even sending a ticket like that.

    What does your error_log show around the times of the Apache failures?
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    Yeah, seriously, this issue has nothing to do with DV2 whatsoever.

    Check your /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log

    and /var/log/messages

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    You should run 'sar' to see what the load was about when it crashed.
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