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    69 total rip of


    I'm already dealing with this, however I feel you guys should know about the company InLabz (

    This isn't a thread attacking the company, however I feel that when a company totally rips a layout (down to the banners on the rotator and even the links!) this community should know about it.

    Basically, they've copied every single aspect of SimplexWebs ( - every single minor detail. Therefore, I wouldn't recommended this company. I'm trying to find an email address, or another means of contact, so that I'm able to contact them regarding this issue.


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    @ItsJustHosting - Trying to grab some WHOIS details now. They don't show - or I haven't found - any contact addresses on their website.

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    Have you tried contacting them? This has happened to us numerous times and simply contacting the offending host resolved the issue.

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    I've also just found this thread - Seems that this isn't the first time they've had a total rip of another website.

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    interesting. and very clean copy.

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