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    Problem installing apache (debian)

    Hi guys,

    First post in this forum!

    I'm getting a permission error message from php while trying to open a file, I just installed apache2 on debian.

    I added a user to debian and in his home directory I created a www folder, then I edited /etc/apache2/sites-available/default and set DocumentRoot to point to /home/user/www

    I uploaded my php files using FTP and they are all owned by that user that I created.

    I'm "getting a failed to open stream permission denied error", when I'm navigating to a php file that tries to create a file in /www/logs/ (the logs folder is also owned by the user).

    I thought suexec will fix this but it didn't... I installed and enabled suexec, then added the SuexecUserGroup directive under <VirtualHost>

    Any idea what's wrong?

    By the way, running the php script from command line when I'm ssh login with that user is working!

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    try to change the permission of the logs directory to 777, as the php script is writing a file that means apache user is writing the file because php scripts run under apache user if suexec is not enabled.

    the php script is running correctly on shell because from shell it runs under root user which can write any file any where.
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