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    HostingCON stop spamming me

    Does anyone else feel like they are abusing the mailing list?

    I seem to be getting a lot of advertised email from them recently and I think its a bit too much. I understand the need to make money, and I have to option to unsubscribe from the list but doing that I might actually miss something important.

    Maybe they feel they will make money spamming people with advertisements from companies advertising spam solutions..
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    You can adjust your privacy settings in your account to remedy the issue. Just select the following option within your privacy settings:

    "Please keep me updated on HostingCon and future events"

    This setting will only send show updates and newsletters.
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    Yeah I do get the emails from this but don't look at them as spam really as some have offers for HostingCon attendees. But like Rob said, you can easily opt-out for the emails in your HostingCon account.
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    I gave up and created a rule to put it in the trash.

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