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    * $30 First Year - Second Year Free | FFMPEG | 1,000 GB Bandwidth | cPanel | Fantastico

    Are you looking for something stable and reliable? We offer affordable high quality web hosting to people who need powerful features that won't break the bank!

    We Are Currently Offering A Special Promotion For You To Try Out Our Services. New Clients Will Receive Their First Year Of Hosting For $30 (over 50% discount), And then the second year is on us!. This promotion is ONLY available to the first 25 clients. Upon Checkout, Use Promo Code "secondfree" To Receive your second year of hosting FREE!

    If you are looking for hosting on a per month basis, e have a special promotion to try our services for 1 month for only a penny. Use coupon code: "whpenny" @ checkout.

    = Now, For The Plans And Features =

    Budget Plan: $4.95 ($0.01 The First Month)

    * 1,500 GB Disk Space
    * 500 GB Bandwidth
    * Unlimited Databases
    * Unlimited Domains
    * Unlimited Email Accounts


    *_Power Plan: $9.95 ($0.01 The First Month)_*

    * 2,500 GB Disk Space
    * 1,000 GB Bandwidth
    * Unlimited Databases
    * Unlimited Domains
    * Unlimited Email Accounts


    *FEATURES: The Below Features Are Included In Both Plans:*

    ** Fantastico | Installatron | Softaculous
    ** Ruby On Rails
    ** FFMPEG
    ** cURL
    ** Flvtool2
    ** GD2
    ** Mplayer | Mencoder
    ** Daily And Weekly Backups

    Everything Included To Start A Video Site, Arcade Site Or Any site!

    PLEASE NOTE: Warez And Warez Linking Sites Are NOT ALLOWED! Legal Adult Websites ARE Allowed.

    REMEMBER To Try Us Out For 1 year For Only $30 And The Second Year Free By Entering Promo Code: "secondfree" At Checkout! OR On A Per Month Basis Get Your First Month For Only A penny. Use Coupon "whpenny" @ Checkout!

    To Visit Our HomePage: CLICK HERE | To Order Hosting: CLICK HERE

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    what are the features for $30 long ur in business?

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