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    I am looking for a web designer and content writer for a tableless web 2.0 website in various niches in the hosting industry. I have some general ideas of what I am after, along with the basic ideas for content (but this needs to be written). We will be using Cpanel as the control panel, and most likely AWBS as the ordering system (we can manage the integration into AWBS if needed).

    We will be putting together a series of niche hosting sites that will basically lead back to our main hosting service. So, there is opportunity for multiple sites for this project.

    Please PM me examples of work you have done and an estimate of the cost for a site. Any questions, either PM me or post here if it will be useful to others.


    David Hasbrouck

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    I'd recommend, they design pretty good web2.0 hosting industry web sites.

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    "web 2.0" is not a design aesthetic

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyee View Post
    "web 2.0" is not a design aesthetic
    Exactly. I don't understand why people think that it is..

    Other than that, I am for hire. Check out my advertisement thread!
    Sam Asante ~ Web & User Interface Designer ~
    World-Class cPanel Themes
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    hi, im available and love to work at this project, pm sent, thanks!


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    Quote Originally Posted by kyee View Post
    "web 2.0" is not a design aesthetic
    LOL! IT JUST CRACKS ME UP WHEN PEOPLE THINK IT IS :L OP Learn befoe you request buddy, I know why... because people think there clever and they'll go on wikipedia and just read this

    From Wikipedia: "Web 2.0" is commonly associated with web development"
    Lol read the whole article

    - Many Thanks,

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    check my portfolio here :

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