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    Netherland Dedicated Server resell program

    Is there any netherland dedicated resale programs.

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    check the dedicated hosting offers section - reseller opportunities are sometimes mentioned there by NL companies. For example, in this recent post:

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    Most companies offer a reseller program. Usually there are requirements from to the reseller, for example:

    - Having a Verifable business and website address
    - Being a (enduser) client for a period of time, before you can become an official reseller

    Find a provider that has some requirements, since in my experience they are usually the more serious ones.
    Discounts are usually tied to the amount of servers you sell. Your Business deserves our Quality - Experts on Hand since 2005. Europe & US locations, we operate our own network AS35017
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    Quote Originally Posted by arbershosting View Post
    Is there any netherland dedicated resale programs.
    Do you mean affiliate program? I have never heard dedicated servers can be resold

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    Most dedicated server providers can offer you discount when reselling their servers.
    Just mail a few providers and ask them what discounts are available. - Online in no time
    Dedicated Servers in [EU] Netherlands with DAILY support, also on weekends
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