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    Register Domain With Web Host Or Not

    Was wondering, how most people felt about registering domain name with the web host or not. I recently had a problem with my domain name expiring, and not knowing it. That didn't happen when I had it with a seperate company. When that was my only business with a company, it was very clear(The renewal process). Any constructive feedback is appreciated.

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    Read this thread for why you shouldn't reg your name with your webhost
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    Thanks. It confirmed my feelings about the issue.

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    I always register my domains with Godaddy but i NEVER host with godaddy, if that tells you anything. I pretty much stick to hostgator (for the past ~2+ years)

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    Some hosts are just a reseller with their domain sales.
    And it is up to you,always you can get your domain free if you have it hosted with your host company.
    Read this thread for why you shouldn't reg your name with your webhost
    It really helps!!
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    I would go with the option using the registrar to host the domain name. Take the hassle of domain management. Also most of them offer free renewals if you host with them.

    But make sure they are ICANN registrar, You can search the google to find the list of ICANN registrars
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