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    ServInt Managed Hosting: 50% off the 1st month w/ Money Back Guarantee!

    ServInt: ServInt Continues its Back to School Promotion and offers its first Money Back Guarantee:

    ServInt has a soft spot for students. We were founded by Reed Caldwell in his dorm room in 1995 when managed webhosting was as niche as can be. Reed built this company into one of the most influential, experienced, and reliable managed web hosting companies in the world because of his drive for results and passion for technology.

    In light of our dedication to help support the next wave of new entrepreneurs, ServInt is offering our most popular discount, 50% off of your first month with the use of the promo code WHTBACKTOSCHOOL. And anybody can use it. You don't need to be a student. We're all students of something.

    With this promo only, for the first time, ServInt is also offering new customers a limited money-back guarantee. We believe we have the best VPS in the business, and we generally let our reputation speak for itself. However, should a migration not go as planned, or should you feel overwhelmed by the customizability of a ServInt VPS, we want to minimize the risk to you. So if you use this code and your site is within our Acceptable Use Policies and you are having problems or are dissatisfied within your first 30 days of service, ServInt will give you your money back. Plain and simple.

    ServInt's VPS is a powerful combination of CentOS Linux, Parallels Virtuozzo, and more than 50,000 lines of continually optimized code. A ServInt VPS is fast, powerful, and expertly managed.

    The difference between ServInt and its competitors is in our history. We know what it's like to run a small business because we were a small business. ServInt customers can take solace in the fact that their businesses are backed up by our peerless service and support. Our Managed Services Team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you with tasks ranging from a simple software installation to critical updates.

    ServInt has a committment to upgrade its hardware and software as technology progresses. Earlier this year we extensively upgraded the entire ServInt VPS line. We doubled RAM, raised and in most cases doubled storage, and increased bandwidth on each of our VPS packages at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

    You're never left behind with ServInt.

    The key to our success is that every VPS product is a true Enterprise-class
    DSR - a Dedicated Server Replacement - brought to you exclusively by ServInt.

    Our Solutions:

    Here are just two examples:

    Essential VPS
    30 GB Disk Space (RAID 10 on 15k rpm SAS drives)
    1 TB Monthly Transfer
    768 MB Guaranteed (1.5 GB Burst RAM)
    $49 Monthly after the first month

    75 GB Disk Space (RAID 10 on 15k rpm SAS drives)
    3 TB Monthly Transfer
    4 GB Guaranteed (8 GB Burst RAM)
    $199 Monthly after the first month

    A ServInt VPS is fast, ingeniously and securely managed, and backed by a reputation we strive tirelessly to maintain. Our Managed Services Team takes their work seriously and personally, striving to provide the fastest, most efficient, least invasive PROACTIVE support in the industry.

    Our expertise in the command line helps you focus on the bottom line.
    RELAX. Your server is up and running.

    Special WHT Offer:

    Use the Promotion Code WHTBACKTOSCHOOL when ordering and receive 50% off of the first month of any VPS or SuperVPS backed up by our very first money back guarantee!

    ServInt's Green Hosting initiative:

    Click for information on our Green Initiative. Our entire VPS line is augmented by a massive carbon offsetting program, a large-scale tree planting campaign and an advanced recycling program. This is in addition to our continuous implementation of energy efficient technologies in both our hosting and our administration.

    ServInt was named the #1 Green Host by in August 2009, and is the #1 VPS host overall for September!

    At ServInt, we feel we have a responsibility to better serve and preserve.

    Come join the ServInt family and help make a difference.

    Contact [email protected] or call 1-800-5-SERVINT (1-800-573-7846). If you would like to place an order, please use the links
    provided above or visit for many more products and options.
    Eric Morales
    Business Communications Manager
    ServInt | Like us on Facebook!
    Managed Hosting Made Better

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    It is nice to see Servint is back with aggresive movements.

    After being a 3+ years customer, I recently canceled a VPS with Servint and moved my accounts elsewhere..I wish I had analyzed better the situation.

    I hope I had the chance to return in the future.

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