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    * Old IBM machines still great

    This is funny, as most of us up here, I have few computers laying around my house, but each time I want to make an update to the network I keep my old IBM desk top as file server. It's has 2 scsi 36GB hard drives, Pentium III can't remember what speed and 1 GB memory. Few years ago I replaced it with P4 HT Dell but it lasted only 6 months, and old good IBM went back to work.
    Have you guys have your old favorite computer?
    Is the built quality going constantly down?

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    I had a IBM 8086 about 17 years ago, which runs Dos 6.22. I can play pcman on it.

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    All of my old computers have bit the dust - scrapped.
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    I yanked a p75 laptop out of storage to play with Windows 3.11. I keep a bunch of old Macs around but rarely use them. Bought them to archive all the software from the drives as I maintain a collection of rare/old software.
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    My Dell laptop is almost 10 years old..still hanging in there.
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    I still have the motherboard from a Z80 computer that came as a bareboard and bags of components. For example, each individual filter cap for the memory chips had to be inserted, soldered and trimmed.

    This posting comes from a HP Visualize workstation with dual 500MHZ Xeon procs running a set of proliant scsi drives on a proliant smartarray controller.

    The controller+drives were moved from a Compaq Workstation, so I am working from a Windows install that was first done in 1999. It's never been reloaded, just service pack updates.

    Yes, drives have died, but with hardware raid, just poke in a new drive and let it rebuild automagically.
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