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    whats the deal with KLOXO etc?

    I've been at the lX homepage, gone through their forum, but I still can't find out how this whole thing ended up. Are they going Open Source? Who owns them now? Is it safe for our clients to use, as in relatively secure?


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    I do not know but I would not use them due to the lack of information in the first place.

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    I've heard that Kloxo currently needs a lot of patching. Other people here claim that HyperVM is now secure, but I would not trust it or Kloxo at this time because there does not seem to be a good deal of information out there as to the current progress of development of new versions or patches. I would keep an eye on the LXCenter forums for the next few weeks to see if anything new comes up.

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    Kloxo is insecure now so you shouldn't use it in a production environment.

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