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    1U P4 for sale

    i'm doing some web design stuff for a client who doesn't need his colo server any more, so i thought that somebody might be interested in taking in over... it's a deal, so it's probably located in so cal, the server is up and running currently.

    he knows nothing about servers, and i'm a windows guy, but as near as i can tell:

    P4 2.4ghz
    linux w/isp config front end? ver2.2.24
    80gig(?) hdd
    5 ips, 66.117.10.xx
    $75/mo, which sounds like a 1Mbps connection

    best offer? send me a pm, thanks

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    Can I get more info into this?

    What's the bandwidth? How many GB Ram, type of ram, hd, type of hd, how many ram and hd it can hold?


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    pm issue fixed, sorry.

    the bandwidth is 1 Mbps, no monthly limit, because the speed regulates how much is used... if you need a monthly cap, you should be able to set it in the o.s.... as i understand it, you can usually peg a 1 Mbps port for 36 hours or something like that, before it'll ring a bell at whatever data center you are at.

    that's not how my windows box is set up, but you can call corporate colo for more details on how they do it.

    one reason this server is up for sale is because the client is not located near the colo, he hasn't looked at it, so the specific details are unknown... he paid $300 for it, but i don't know when that was.

    i logged in to the server and posted whatever details i could decipher; this deal would work best if you already had boxes in the same los angeles data center as this one.

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