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    To 'Trust' or not to 'Trust'

    Currently, I have several dedicated servers at Ventures Online. I decided to take Dedicated Now up on their special for an additional server.

    It was mentioned to me that setting up a trust relationship between the servers was not recommended. I've had a couple of people mention this, but nobody was clear as to why (they too had heard that it wasn't recommended).

    Could somebody explain why a Trust relationship between servers is a bad thing?
    If I were to establish a trust relationship, wouldn't my users be able to use the same nameservers: and

    Should I not set it up this way?

    If I don't set it up that way, wouldn't my users have to use different nameservers for each server?
    Server 1:

    Server 2:

    Server 3:

    I'm also trying to determine one other thing.
    Lets say my server at VO is named ''
    My server at Dedicated Now is ''

    Is there anything I need to modify on the DNS on server 1 so that the '' points to the second server and doesn't act like a sub-domain on server1 (hope that makes sense).

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated

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    I have a trust relationship setup between my primary nameserver and all of the slave servers. This allows all sites hosted by me to use and as the nameservers. It works perfectly. Whenever a new site is added to any of the slaves the master nameserver is updated. The secondary nameserver can be updated using the " Synchronize DNS Records With Primary Nameserver" option in WHM.

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    Thanks for the reply. That is how I would like to set it up, everyone using the same nameservers. I became concerned when I told that setting up a trust is a bad thing, but nobody can't tell me why

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    there are security problems with this approach. it is rather arcane to accomplish though and the majority of script kiddies wont go for it, so you should be fine. however, i suggest using tsig if you are running bind as opposed to djbdns which doesnt support it.
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