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(a Layershift Limited brand)

Free setup and activation within 1 hour or your first month free!

WizzVPS Plans

WizzVPS 10: 4.95/mo
160MB Dedicated RAM
10GB Fast Diskspace
150GB Monthly Traffic

WizzVPS 20: 8.95/mo
320MB Dedicated RAM
20GB Fast Diskspace
250GB Monthly Traffic

WizzVPS 30: 11.95/mo
480MB Dedicated RAM
30GB Fast Diskspace
400GB Monthly Traffic

WizzVPS 40: 17.95/mo
640MB Dedicated RAM
40GB Fast Diskspace
600GB Monthly Traffic

WizzVPS 50: 22.95/mo
960MB Dedicated RAM
50GB Fast Diskspace
800GB Monthly Traffic

WizzVPS 60: 26.95/mo
1280MB Dedicated RAM
60GB Fast Diskspace
1000GB Monthly Traffic

If you require any further details please let us know via sales[at]wizzvps.com - we look forward to hearing from you.

Standard Features on All VPS Plans

- Free setup
- Root SSH Access
- Virtuozzo Power Panel
- Instant Free Reboots
- Instant Free OS Reloads
- 2 IP Addresses (upgradeable for 50p/IP per month)
- CentOS 5 VPS
Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
Ubuntu 9.04
Debian 5.0
Fedora 11 VPS
- Plesk Control Panel (optional)
- 24x7 Unmanaged Support
- One-click Firewall

About WizzVPS
(a Layershift Limited brand)

* Very knowledgeable staff with 6 years Virtuozzo VPS experience and 8 years Plesk experience
* Professional 24x7x365 Technical Support
* We have provided technical expertise to over 100 Parallels hosting providers
* We are Parallels Platinum Partners
* We exclusively use enterprise-grade Dell Servers
* We have been trading since August 2001, incorporated in 2006
* We have a strong working relationship with Parallels developers and product managers
* Our sales and support staff are based in multiple offices throughout Europe
* Our servers are based in our own private racks in Manchester, UK (With our own onsite staff)
* We manage servers running thousands of VPS's

WizzVPS Upgrades

- Plesk 30 Domains: 3/month
- Plesk 100 Domains: 6/month
- Plesk Unlimited Domains: 9/month

- Plesk PowerPack Light (SpamAssassin & Application Vault): 3/month
- Plesk PowerPack (SpamAssassin, Application Vault, Helpdesk, Tomcat, ColdFusion, and PostgreSQL Add-Ons): 6/month
- Dr. Web Antivirus: 10/month

- Extra IP Address (64 max): 50p/IP/month

- Parallels SiteBuilder, 100 sites: 10/mo
- Parallels SiteBuilder, 300 sites: 20/mo
- Parallels SiteBuilder, 500 sites: 35/mo
- Parallels SiteBuilder, 1000 sites: 65/mo
- Parallels SiteBuilder, 5000 sites: 250/mo
- Parallels SiteBuilder, multi-server capability: 30/mo

- Plesk Billing (Modernbill), 50 clients: 15/month
- Plesk Billing (Modernbill), 1000 clients: 30/month

If you require any further details please let us know via sales[at]wizzvps.com - we look forward to hearing from you.