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    What CMS to use when making a front end for WHMCS


    I need to make a frontend/website for a site using WHMCS as backend. Any suggestions? What do you use?

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    I would suggest creating a static site for the front end and templating your whmcs installation to match. In most cases trying to deal with two cms's is a pain in the a$$.
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    * Great suggestion....

    ...but is that your final answer??

    I've only just started in this business and was wondering the same thing...

    It appears that Fantastico will only allow one instance of a script on the domain root. I've got the WHMCS installed and tweeked, now I just need to get the front page going.

    It looks like a static page is still the only option... or could I use another domain and have it appear on the front end of this domain? Is that possible??

    learning as I go...

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    Why not use the WHMCS CMS addon? it works well, uses the theme from WHMCS, and you can add/edit pages in the admin...

    Works very well, and great support from the author.

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    I think I'll go for it... it's a one-time fee of $69.95. Will probably save a hassle for what it's worth.

    Thanks Flexi

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    I think that once you get it setup, and follow their instructions you will not look back at all.

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