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    dedicated hosters hosting celerons?

    sorry about the topic, i didn't know what else to title it.
    i wanted to know peoples experiences with a dedicated server running on a celeron 1gig+ for web hosting, how many sites do you think it can handle on this proccesor before it becomes to intense..

    i am planning to host 20 blog sites, mostly personal blog sites of friends and the sites aren't really heavy on the graphics, but i have a fear that maybe pushing the proccessing limit, with my friends sites it shouldn't be pushing out more than 50gigs all together a month.

    if anyone has a celeron server can you please give me an idea of how many sites you host on your dedicated server oppose to bandwidth usage.

    kind regards.

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    It depends on the quality of hardware being used. Our value celeron servers could be a lot cheaper but we elect no to use cheap components.

    Anyhow, It's not the processor that really counts, it's the RAM. Celeron 1.2 GHz procs are solid and superb. The P4 based 1.7's are even better.
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