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    Hello all. This is my first post on this forum. I opened this account, special to put this review about this guys because they are amazing.

    I had dedicated server with couple of different companies but non of them was good as

    Excellent technical support. And believe me, really excellent. I know to be pain in the ass when I request support from someone, and this guys were allays helpful in a minute. I do not remember that I wait for more than 30 min. for a response.

    Also, their prices.... When some one say that the price is to good to be true... Well in this case, with this guys that does not go. First thing I also said when I saw their prices was the same, this prices are to good to be true, but listen, I have my server with them for more that a month, and I did not have any problem. Stable, fast network etc... Also, their support and their CO Cameron.... That guy do not sleep.

    I will recommend these guys to anyone who have need for a ded. server. Do not think twice. If you get a server from this guys you will solve all your problems.

    10 from 10 for

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    yes 2amnetwork very good and high quality company

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