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    $29.90+$0.00=SINGOLO XEN ~AMD 64 4000+ ~2GB RAM ~100GB SATA ~1000GB BW -2 IP -Remote

    Hi to all,
    We are having a mega sale on a limited number of XEN systems.

    These are high grade, high performance VM's with a complete remote management console. You can reboot and rebuild the OS with a number of *nix OS's as well as some pre-configured templates such as Gnome RDP templates, Webmin/Virtualmin and cPanel/WHM with the nginx hack and without etc.

    The price is on a monthly basis and this pricing is valid without any longterm commitment required.

    These VM's are available at both the East Coast and West Coast D.C. locations, setup is almost immediate and it is possible to switch locations free of charge as per availability.

    SINGOLO XEN ~ AMD ATHLON 64 4000+ ~ 2GB RAM ~ 100 GB SATA ~ 1000GB Bandwidth - 2 IP - Remote Console

    Extreme-power XEN application servers

    ---Data Center locations---

    East Coast USA

    West Coast USA

    $29.90 USD Monthly + $0.00 Setup

    To view the additional options, test IP's as well as control panels etc. and their price and/or to order these XEN servers please visit the following special link.

    Also feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any pre-sales questions you might have.

    Kindest regards always,

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    how many ip can we order ?

    and how is the speed from asian ?

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