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    Fall Special, limited time offer, starting from just $49/mo


    Atom 330 Simple
    Atom 330 1.6Ghz DUAL-Core
    1GB DDR2 Memory
    250GB HDD
    $49/mo NO SETUP FEES

    For $20/mo add

    2GB DDR2 Memory
    2 x 1 TB SATA Hard Drive
    Free Windows 2003 Web
    10mbps unmetered Bandwidth

    ORDER NOW!!!

    * Reseller discounts do not apply.

    All Atom Series Servers include

    + 2000GB Bandwidth
    + 100 MBIT Port
    + 5 usable IP space
    + KVM over IP available for FREE on request for 24 hours
    + Setup within 24-48 hours


    Core 2 Duo E7400 2G
    Core 2 Duo E8200** 2.66Ghz DUAL-Core
    2GB DDR2 Memory
    250GB SATA Hard Drive

    $69/mo NO SETUP FEES

    For an additional $30/mo
    Upgrade to 8 GB Mem
    Free upgrade to 2 x 1 TB HDD
    Free cPanel or DirectAdmin

    ORDER NOW!!!

    * Reseller discounts do not apply.
    ** If we run out of stock for E8200, it will be replaced with E7400.

    All Core2Duo Series Servers include
    + 2000GB Bandwidth
    + 10 MBIT Port ($10/mo upgrade to 100mbit port)
    + 5 usable IP space
    + Intel NICs (Perfect for VPS kernels that have issues with Realtek)
    + KVM over IP available for FREE on request for 24 hours
    + Setup within 24-48 hours


    QuadCore 775 2G
    Xeon X3220 2.4Ghz QuadCore
    2GB DDR2 Memory
    FREE cPanel / WHM
    250GB SATA Hard Drive

    $99/mo NO SETUP FEES
    ORDER NOW!!!

    All Enterprise Series servers Include
    + Xeon Processors
    + KVM over IP (on a DEDICATED network)
    + 2000 GB Bandwidth
    + 10 mbit port
    + Public Network
    + Private Network
    + KVM Network

    + UN-Managed Servers
    + 24/7 Ticket Support
    + 99.5% Network Uptime

    We own all our equipment including Servers, Switches, Routers and other parts. We do NOT lease or resell servers from other providers. We have 100% control over the entire infrastructure.

    Additional Addons:
    \+\ 100 mbit port public/private $10/mo
    \+\ IPs - $1.00/IP/mo (minimum /29 blocks)
    \+\ 10mbps Unmetered - $150/mo
    \+\ Fully Managed Server - $99/mo

    Operating Systems:
    ^+^ RedHat Enterprise 4 32/64 bit $20/mo
    ^+^ RedHat Enterprise 5 32/64 bit $20/mo

    ^+^ Windows 2003 Web 32 bit $10/mo
    ^+^ Windows 2008 Web 32/64 bit $15/mo

    ^+^ Windows 2003 Standard 32/64 bit $20/mo
    ^+^ Windows 2008 Standard 32/64 bit $30/mo

    ^+^ Windows 2008 Enterprise 32/64 bit $40/mo
    ^+^ Windows 2008 Datacenter 32/64 bit $50/mo

    Control Panel:
    =+= cPanel - $20/mo
    =+= LiteSpeed - $20/mo

    =+= DirectAdmin - $15/mo

    |+| 250GB HDD - $10/mo
    |+| 750GB HDD - $20/mo
    |+| 1000GB HDD - $30/mo

    |+| 1GB DDR2 - $10/mo

    |+| Hardware RAID (0, 1, 5, 10) $50/mo
    |+| RAID BBU (Battery Backup Unit) $20/mo

    Disclaimers Etc.
    - We are UN-managed dedicated server providers. Our job is to make sure the server has power, the hardware is working properly, and last but not least network connectivity. We do not provide support for any kind of software or upgrade issues. We provide KVM over IP in case you configure anything incorrectly and lock yourself out.
    - Please note that we do not allow any kind of mass unsolicited emails or mailing lists, even if the mailing lists are legitimate. If you plan on running any kind of mailing lists please do not sign up for ANY of our services.
    - We do not allow, but not limited to, IRC, Adult hosting, Warez, Phishing and the like. Please note this is a short list and its at HoneLive's discretion final decisions are taken.
    - Please read section 2 of our TOS (Billing Policies) carefully and email us if you have any questions.
    - You are more than welcome to resell our servers but please note that you need to make sure you client follows our rules but all the billing and support must be taken care of by you.

    Sprint, Level3, XO, Global Crossing, Tiscali, Abovenet 70+ peerings
    Test IP:
    Test download: 65 MB FILE

    Any questions? Please email [email protected]

    Anantha Jambu
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    Email: info ///at///

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