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    I see they no longer even offer a real full source code version. No matter what, if you want to use ModernBill, you MUST use zend or that ionCube thing. What about people who DO NOT want to install Zend or ionCube? What are they suppose to do? What about those people who really paid for a full source version and a year worth of updates? Is this really fair to them? There should at least be a full source version for those people who paid for it already. I'm no law expert, but it seems to me, if someone paid for something (full source modernbill), and now they can't get it, can't they do something about it? Not sure, but any comments would be appreciated. Thanks

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    They are supposed to put out a source guardian version so you do not have to install anything on your server.

    I doubt you can do anything since it does say on their site that a couple files encrypted. I didn't purchase the full source version (mine is encrypted) but I don't think it prevents you from modifying the program to fit your needs.

    I can't really blame them for trying to protect themselves and their work. While you may be an honest person many are not.

    Just my thoughts....
    Tim S

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    Originally posted by Tim S

    I can't really blame them for trying to protect themselves and their work. While you may be an honest person many are not.
    I agree 100%. It is not unreasonable for MB to try to protect their software. They have spent a lot of man hours developing it, and they have had plenty of reports of stolen copies apparently.

    Yeah it's a bit of a hassle to install something else in order to make it all work, but if you want to use that software, that's the deal.
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    I have the developer version, and i cannot find any problems with it or any customization problems at all.

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    It's not exactly about customization, or having to install something else. It's about paying for one thing, and getting another.

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    It is explained very clearly on their web site what you are getting.

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    Yes, now it does, But what about BEFORE..The people that bought a FULL SOURCE license?
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    it is only 3 files that are encoded. Most likely just some core scripts that they do not wish to be available, or use the encoding to allow it to run faster. The software is still 99.9% customizable even with those 3 encoded files.

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    Originally posted by mhale
    It's not exactly about customization, or having to install something else. It's about paying for one thing, and getting another.

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    I understand that, but you are going about this based on the wording of what they have called it. Whether it be "full source" or "developer" or whatever, they provided this highest level of product for people who wish to develop the software further. I bet somewhere when you purchased their software there was a clause in the agreement noting they can at any time change the software, etc etc.

    I would suggest contacting modernbill about this rather than on here, as nobody here can really help you. You should just be thankful that you can use v4 without paying for an upgrade like you would with most software.

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    If you ordered modernbill version3 full source with one year of updates and that's what you received where is the problem? You received the product and by what you are saying they are giving you access to upgrades, if the upgrades don't suit you don't upgrade.

    So you have paid for one thing and that's what you've got, end of story.

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    No install needed and product design

    Note that with the ionCube loader, as with sguardian, you do not need to edit the php.ini file to run encoded scripts if you aren't able to - basically you have the choice.

    Safe mode compatibillity and maximum, better than raw script, performance, and acceleration from PHPA with its next release, or 'on-demand' loading with no php.ini edits, server restart etc. Note also that if you use PHPTriad / Sokkit for a windows installer, that the ionCube loader comes as standard.

    About source code though, if you had once upon a time paid for a source code license then I would have thought that you'd be entitled to that going forward, but check the license agreement with that product. You might also find that you'd get no support if you had edited any of the source code though.

    What I'd expect is for the product to be designed to be extensible and customisable without the need for source. It should have an API to its core, and allow new modules to be written and old ones to be customised. A good design would allow near infinite customisation and extension without requiring to see their source, and giving away the intellectual property that the manufacturer so rightly want to protect.
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