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    my shared hosting modsecurity issue and drupal

    Please help

    My shared hosting refuses to disable mod security
    I have right now problem with my drupal
    my IP gets banned again and again
    how can I disable mod security for my own domain?

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    Put this in your .htaccess file:
    SecFilterEngine Off
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    I wonder what are the places you get your IP banned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fivefive View Post
    how can I disable mod security for my own domain?
    If it's mod_sec version 2 in default configuration, you can't (.htaccess directives aren't allowed). This is something only the host can control, and any decent host should help you with it.

    But mod_sec doesn't usually ban IP addresses - that would more likely be a firewall feature. Are you really getting an IP ban or is it just refusing your Drupal form submissions?

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    fivefive if that is so difficult to run with your current web hosting service provider maybe that worth just find another one?
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    If I disable mod security with htaccess will that effect the security of my hosting company?
    am I breaking any rules?

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