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    Dedicatednow Issue

    Earlier today, I had a server taken offline by dedicatednow. A reboot request was logged by our server management company immediately after the server was offline. When I got back in later this evening, I find the server down and submit a ticket. I am told that they did a billing audit and took the server down because it was not attached to a billing account, so they did not know who owned it. Now that I am submitting the ticket, there is no one there to bring the server back online. Techs can't do it and no one from billing is there or online to deal with the issue. So, as a customer, I am the one that has to suffer all as my customers sites are down all night even though I have faithfully paid all my bills, etc.

    My overall experiences with DedicatedNow have always been good, but there are certain things that always plague them.

    1. The inability to deal with unique issues when they arise.

    2. The lack of delivery on promised rrp's for over 5 years now.

    These small things are just so annoying. I am really annoyed right now as I have customer breathing down my neck and I have a DN tech no power to help me even if he wanted to.
    Marty Hoskins

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    This issue has been resolved. I have also been informed that all rrps are working. This is something that I was not aware of, not sure why.
    Marty Hoskins

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    Hopefully a staff member from DedicatedNow will see this post and intervene shortly.

    Have you asked the on-duty technician(s) if they can telephone a billing employee this evening to assist?

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    I'm sorry you're experiencing what appears to be a flaw in the billing system. If there's ever a reason to keep a staffed Billing department outside of business hours, this one has got to top the list.

    Hopefully a rep will read this post tonight.

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    Sorry to hear about your bad experience, i hope they can get this fixed ASAP.

    PS: Glad to hear everything has been resolved.

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    Marty, I do apologize if you had an unfortunate experience today and am certainly as always more than happy to assist you with matters as they arise. I'm uncertain entirely as to what events transpired today and where things broke down in communication but will certainly get to the bottom of things here shortly.

    Regarding the RRP's, they've been active on your account for about a year and a half now, I checked notifications sent to you as I sent them myself, but we'll catch up on that as well here soon.

    Glad everything was sorted though at least for now, and feel free to hit me up anytime that you want to chat.


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    Its always good to hear the other side of the story and things resolved

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    Quote Originally Posted by AHN-Andrew View Post
    Its always good to hear the other side of the story and things resolved
    Agreed. Good Job!

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    issue resolved Client Happy That best way to issues must fix
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    Sometimes confusion happens, but I have been using DN for some time now and they are great.

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