Help the environment, move your servers to RackForce.
Coal powered electricity produces 100 times more CO2 equivalent per KWH than Hydroelectricity according to the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology. 70% of all the electricity in North America is generated from coal and other greenhouse gas (GHG) producing sources. This means datacenters located in places like Texas, Florida, California, Colorado, Virginia and West Virginia are contributing roughly the same amount of CO2, into the atmosphere, as the average SUV for every server running there.

RackForce's Data Centers are 100% powered by clean, green hydro-electric power, and supplied via two separate local substations for additional redundancy. There is no shortage of power here.

All datacenters are subject to the hazards native to the region they are located in. Extreme weather conditions, earthquakes, and floods have all caused data center failures in the past for those located in hazardous areas, so data stored there is at risk. Kelowna, BC Canada, is completely free from those natural risks which is why RackForce chose to locate their datacenters there. It has been rated as the best place in North America to locate a datacenter. Another very good reason to choose RackForce.


RackForce offers a wide selection of solutions including Colocation, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, Managed Support, Business Continuity and Resiliency Services / Disaster Recovery, and Enterprise Backup Solutions.
+ Colocation from one 42u rack and up. N+1 and 2N+1 (A/B) power/UPS available. Rack price includes 2.8Kva N+1 power.
+ Maximum 30Kva per rack (1500w/sq. ft. with each rack 20 sq. ft.). $0.39/VA for power over the 2.8Kva provided.
+ In-row Rittal coolers for maximum cooling efficiency
+ Private GigaVaults available starting at 6,000 sq. ft. self-contained.
+ Bandwidth Available
10Mbps Dedicated Unmetered (Capped with No Overages)
100Mbps Burstable, metered 95th percentile model, minimum 20Mbps commit
1000Mbps Burstable, metered 95th percentile model, minimum 100Mbps commit

10000 Mbps Layer 2 to SIX available from GigaCenter