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    What tools are good to test a Provider

    looking to start a reseller account, there are many names around, so how one can evalute a service provider??
    this is the process I used to check any provider site :
    1. Using search on this forum will give you the first impression, but that is not enough....
    2.Trying to read some reviews about the provider on other sites like webhostingstuff.
    3. Ping the provider site to check transfer time
    4. Using other online monitoring tools, but it gives you only time measurement...

    What other tools that you usually use to test the service being provided.

    Thank you

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    Make sure the provider has a money-back guarantee and then sign up and try it out. Beyond that, most of what you can do/find isn't going to help much beyond what you have already listed.
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    Yeh , money-back guarantee is very good strategy , but what can I find before involvment ?

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    3. Ping the provider site to check transfer time
    I don't really use that. First of all, I don't live where most of my site's visitors do. Second, I don't think that ping is necessarily an accurate reflection of anything. If it's not in a decent range for a given distance between the two computers, I might look more into it.

    If it's an otherwise unknown host, I think I'd run and to try and find out if they're a reseller. More importantly, who's reseller they are, and then I'd check the reputation of that company. For some people around there I imagine that network related information about the data center that's used is quite important too.

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    Pinging the main site does not always work. The provider might use a VPS to host the main site. Test the support by sending them a sales ticket and do research on them. The right host is the host for you. Not the other way around. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoneyBack View Post
    3. Ping the provider site to check transfer time
    in my opinion, tracert probably works better than Ping...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ihostingsg View Post
    in my opinion, tracert probably works better than Ping...

    Once again if you are preforming a tracert/traceroute or ping on a web hosting providers main website, this may or may not even be the location to where your website will even be hosted. If you for some odd reason want to ping/tracert (although I am not sure what you are trying to prove by doing so other then possibly determine the datacenter from the traceroute?), I'd recommend for asking for the IP to the server your account would be provisioned on right before ordering.

    Your best bet, look for a provider who gives a money back guarantee, and has a good reputation on these forums. Avoid top 10 hosting lists, as those are paid/affiliate based. Avoid unlimited space/bandwidth, go with reasonable limits. Spend 2$ for a years worth of hosting, intend to get burned. Once again, be willing to pay a reasonable amount.

    Maybe submit a inquiry to a providers sales department. I'd recommend not gaging time taken to respond so heavily on a sales department as not all sales departments are available 24/7 (most only normal business hours). Gage how professional their response (however take into account possibly the time for the response) and take into account everything I mentioned above to find your provider.

    Best of luck. To be honest, if they have a pretty good reputation here, you will probably be fairly happy.

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    I like asking for a trial first. Sometimes they say yes..sometimes they say no. 7 day trial is all I need to see how stable the server is..and how good the support is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bryonhost1 View Post
    I like asking for a trial first. Sometimes they say yes..sometimes they say no. 7 day trial is all I need to see how stable the server is..and how good the support is.
    You have actually found reputable hosts that have been in business for years still giving trial accounts? Wow, thought that died out years ago.

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    Wow, thought that died out years ago.
    True, though I suppose there is a small difference between offering free trials to all visitors, and agreeing to do it for people asking you for one. I doubt that scammers and spammers would go through the effort of doing that.

    7 days can be short when it comes to judging uptime. Good server performance is, sadly, not a guarantee of similar uptime. I've also seen load on a server increase in time, probably as the server was being filled by the host, and customers kept adding sites. A good start/test is definitely better than a bad start though.

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    Nice thoughts guys, I think AquariusADMIN gave us a very good process to follow .

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    Contact support at 3am on a Sunday morning their local time and see how rapid the response is (or isn't)
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    When things go wrong generally this is when people are deciding how good of a host you are. I've moved from several host over the years
    • poor response times on tickets
    • no way to call and speak to support (when the ticket system takes 24/hrs
    • when i finally get a ticket closed I get no detailed explanation of what the problem was so I know for next time what to do or tell them the cause is
    • taking my money and having to call Credit Card company to cancel the host as they billed me when they shouldn't have.

    So I from personal experiences one has to look at the support side first and say do they measure up to reviews good/bad 1st and foremost if so and they have great reviews here maybe we can do business. Just do the research and see how they stack up on these boards.
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    Better yet ask if they offer a 30-day MBG and a trial account for your own evaluation.
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    ^ yeah thats right.

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    Search around the net & find the pro's & con's of the provider.. If too many con's then find another.. =)

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    Trial month for a $1. Charge the dollar so you can filter out those that have no way to pay online or try to be anonymous (did I spell that right?).
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