We are now selling space in our newest rack in our new Chicago, IL data center (Gigenet), so we are offering the following special:

-Single Server (Up to 1U of server rackspace, 2U available for an additional $40/mo.)
-1 AMP of power consumption included ($80 per additional AMP)
-State of the Art Secured Facility (GigeNet in Chicago, IL)
-Unmetered Bandwidth on 10Mbit connection
-Single or Double 120v straight blade power outlet
-cPanel licensing ($30/license/mo. for dedicated, $10/license/mo. for VPS)
-2 usable IPs (additional available upon request)
-Free Remote Reboots via APC login
-Bandwidth graphs and monitoring updated every 5 minutes
-24/7 Support

$0 Setup - $119 per month - No Minimum Contract Length

Why Choose Umbra Hosting?

Simple. Our dedication to customer service. Here are our most recent reviews:

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For more information or to place an order please e-mail Kelle at [email protected]