HostKitty is breaking ground on a new website and to offset some of the construction of our site we are offering webhostingtalk users 10% off.

The prices below do not reflect coupon pricing, use code 10-WHT at checkout. The 10% off is re-occuring for as long as you have the services.

Atlanta Georgia
Intel P4 3.0 Ghz-HT
1 GB Ram
1000 GB Monthly Transfer
1 120 GB Hard drive
5 ip's (private v-lan)
100Mbit uplink
Easy checkout url

Dearborn Michigan
Intel Celeron 2.4Ghz
512 Mb Ram
2 80 GB Hard drives
5 ip's (private v-lan)
10Mbit uplink
Easy checkout url

Test Ip's & Test Files

IRC is discouraged but permitted. Any problems related to IRC abuse that impact our network will result in server suspension.

We do not permit shell account reselling

We are growing stricter everyday regarding bulk commercial e-mail. We do permit it but will ask several questions and verify that your organization has a clean record and isn't jumping from host to host.

We prefer Paypal and accept Google Checkout. We verify every order.

We do not accept e-mail from most free email services. Currently we do permit gmail but the other free email providers may be blacklisted by us. If you are trying to e-mail us and get no response please utilize our contact form here and specify that you have tried to contact us.

We offer affiliates 10% (reoccuring) for any sales referred. Contact us for affiliate information.

We offer resellers 10% off with a 5 server minimum.

Servers are deployed same day. Some complex configurations may take longer.