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    * Can you plz hep me with my hosting problem ??

    dear all,
    sorry for the inconveniance to post such a topic in this forum,but i'm seeking your advices.

    my issue is that whenever i send emails ( from my webmail "HORDE" ) all emails are not sent & i always get this message: " SMTP Error ,550.........". the other think i should mention is that i can send emails to only one of my local Domains ( that is to say to one of my domain emails) ,& also i can recieve emails from remote servers like hotmail,gmail & others,

    the issue i have is only about sending emails to others,i got this annoying SMTP Error .

    i wish to get ur valuable suggestions,

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    I'm sure you've already looked it up, but according to a quick google search of the error code:

    "SMTP Error - 550

    Requested Not Action: mailbox unavailable or is not local.

    This message indicates that the recipient specified in the RCPT command is not locally hosted on the server and relaying options prevent the message being forwarded to the recipient. To resolve this you should ensure that an address map has been associated with the desired mailbox. If you receive this message then you should use the MMC to ensure that this address has been assigned to a mailbox. This can be done in the MMC by viewing the properties of the Mailbox."

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    @ITHost-KoreyR... How did you get to that particular error when all they listed was SMTP Error 550... I do believe there is more than one specific error message that can be passed with a 550...
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    Have you tried to contact the host support? If it's a shared or managed VPS, they should be able to fix this issue for you.

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    If it's happening on more than one user, I highly doubt it would the "Requested Not Action: mailbox unavailable or is not local". Like Johnch said, I would get into contact with your host. It sounds like something they would have to correct.
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    I have came across the same problem before.And my host just put me to another server.All done.
    So contact with their support team should be the top choice!
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    Yeah, I had the problem before as well, and it was a configuration issue on the server. I contact my host, and they fixed it in no time, so it must be an easy fix...

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    ok,thnkx for suggestions,
    i'l shortly contact my host then c
    if u'v some other suggestions just feel free to mention,

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