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    Equinix NY4 Secausus colo or ded

    Can anyone recommend a reseller that offers colo or dedicated out of this facility?

    Any help would be appreciated. - colocation, dedicated and cloud quotes

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    You can contact Anthony at I believe they still have some space there.
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    Equinix Secaucus NY2 (NYC Metro)

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    I am interested in colocation (and possibly also renting a dedicated server) in this datacenter, too.

    Any more recommendations?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    NY4 is pretty much just for financial applications. So unless you run those there is no NEED to be there.

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    Dear jayglate,

    your comments about NY4 are certainly very welcome.

    Although you comment may well be helpful for other members of this forum, it was not helpful at all for me. Please, would you let me decide myself, what I need. I think, both the original poster and myself were quite specific about the datacenter. And this probably suggests that we did our homework, and that we had our reasons to select this particular datacenter. I hope I managed to express myself politely, as I did not want to upset you.

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    I do not know any resellers in NY4 but there are quite a few in NY2 which is 2 blocks away
    NY2 Equinix Secaucus NJ

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    Hi ProRack, thanks for your response. I might consider colocation at NY2.

    Please, could you list those resellers here?

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